Monday, October 26, 2009

"As I See It" by Susan (continued from yesterday)

#6 Figure out what the wood is trying to say and what shape would look right with where the knots or grain run. Jer said that this tree lost it's limb when the tree was very young. The knots didn't show up until he got into the piece, small knots but they were deep inside the wood.
#7 Whole new shape, take it down so the knots are fillet like a fish.

#8 Drill a hole in the top, and then go in with a very, very sharp tool (that could fly across the room or worse yet, suck your whole body inside) maybe this should be #7 what do I know.
#9 Jer is not finished with this piece so I will continue, maybe Jer will tell you his thoughts and techniques as he sees it.
I will say, "It's lookin Gooooood" that's something I do know.

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