Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Artigras Art Show-Jupiter, Florida

Back from Jupiter, not the planet, but the Artigras Art Festival in Jupiter, Fl. Nice show, and wonderful artsy neighbors. Set up and breakdown went very well. It was cold on Saturday. I think some of the people from out of town wanted to go back up north. It got warmer and no rain, that was a plus.
We set up Friday, Feb. 12th. Friday night it rained and winds, I thought I was in a hurricane, they were so bad. I really thought our tent and stuff would end up in Canada.
Saturday- the tents were all there, like nothing happened. Judges came by, didn't say much and left. Nice day but chilly. Sunday-The awards committee with the bugles and a big blue flag that read "WINNER", what a pleasant surprise, 1st in Wood!!!!!!!! Icing on the cake. No more to say but-------- WOW and a double WOW!
All orders for Artigra show were sent out today.
Jerry has to get busy for the Melbourne, Florida show in April.

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