Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This is a photo of Jerry's fathers side of the family, His Mom & Dad in the middle of the photo. I only met Jerry's grandmother once, what a beautiful person.
Back in the 70's his grandfather, would go shrimping with us, (when he'd visit from up north) we would hoist a ladder off the cat walk down under the Rickenbacker bridge in Miami. Jerry's granddad would stay up on the cat walk and fish, and make new friends. One night, one of his buddies had some whiskey, I guess granddad had a little too much and was hanging by a harness over the cat walk, we rescued him. Have no idea where he got that harness. When we would leave everyone on the catwalk would tell him, goodbye. We would come back to Jerry's parent house and clean the shrimp, it was a good time.

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